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Quality, On-demand Blood Testing

Xtest provides convenient, accurate, and expedited blood testing at your location, on your schedule.

How Xtest Works

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Xtest is the most convenient way to get quality bloodwork and results fast.


Select your blood test, and a certified medical professional comes to you– anytime, anywhere.

Get Results

Get your results straight from our labs to your Xtest app. Hassle-free!

Convenience Redefined

We send a certified medical professional directly to your location at a time that works for you. With Xtest, we’re focused on you.

Peace-of-Mind Delivered

Xtest delivers direct access to your blood test results straight to your phone. No more unnecessary waiting and stress.

Better Results, Better Outcomes

Say goodbye to the hassle of scheduling, missing appointments and out-of-date health data. Welcome to faster results and better patient outcomes.

The Future of Blood Testing, Delivered Now

The Future of Blood Testing, Delivered Now